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Cameron, TX pools, fiberglass pools and swimming pools can be installed in just a few weeks. Call the Backyard Boyz of Texas.

We specialize in fiberglass swimming pools. Donít wait months or until next year to get your pool installed. Enjoy your new pool as soon as three weeks. The hot Cameron, Texas sun is easier to take with a fiberglass pool in your backyard.

Contact us today to get questions answered and get on the schedule. Choose from our different pool styles and colors.

Fiberglass swimming pools come with many benefits that range from quick installation to long-lasting strength, durability and even big savings in time and money.

One of the many reasons fiberglass pools are favored in Cameron, TX over other types of pools is that they require much less maintenance, cleaning, and care than other pools. They are not as prone to sun damage, require much less scrubbing/cleaning, and use much fewer chemicals. All this is due to the superior material they are made with. Fiberglass is less porous than concrete or gunite and so algae does not attach as easily to its walls, which eliminates all the cleaning required with other pools.

Fiberglass pools typically donít need major repairs down the road and are much stronger against salt and hard water. On top of all this, fiberglass pools heat up quicker and retain heat longer which saves you money in electricity.

Simply put, fiberglass pools save you time, money, and extra products so you can spend more of your time enjoying your Cameron, Texas swimming pool for a lifetime.

Cameron, TX pools, fiberglass pools and swimming pools can be installed in just a few weeks. Contact the Backyard Boyz of Texas to get started!

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Cameron Pool Jobs



Tired of your current Backyard? We got you covered!

Take a look at these before, during and after pictures on this transformation!!!


  • Hole Dug and stump removed ☑

  • Pool Set ☑

  • Concrete poured ☑

  • Spa set and trex patio built ☑

  • 8 foot Cedar fence built and stained ☑

  • Awesome hangout spot complete ☑

Some night light photos coming soon.


Call or text 254-855-5616 to get your own build started.

From the owner: Larry Andress

"Great job guys.  If these guys arenít building your pool for you and creating your own oasis, maybe they should."




Starting a new pool at a kangaroo ranch today! They are so cute! It will be pretty cool spot to sit in the new pool and watch the kangaroos! Call us to schedule yours. 254-855-5616